4 Great Cutting Edge Online Marketing Tactics

It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, you need to market it online properly. Lucky for you, there are many marketing tactics out there. If you want to know four great cutting edge online marketing tactics you can try, then read on.

1. Endorsements & Mentions

A good way to spread the word about your brand, product or whatever you’re promoting is by getting endorsements and mentions via social media. This is extremely easy to do because there are platforms that connect brands/marketers to influencers. Research a few sites and find out what influencers are in their network and then pay the ones you think will get the best results for you. Also, this marketing method usually isn’t cheap but it is one of the best ways to get information to go viral, which means impressive results could follow.

2. Use Snapchat And Instagram

Times have changed and gone are the days of people using only 1-2 social media sites. These days, prospective customers are on all kinds of social media sites, and this includes Instagram. What you want to do is make use of both Instagram and Snapchat.

Invest a little bit of money in Sponsored Lenses on Snapchat and advertise on Instagram via its Face Filters feature. Make sure your advertisement on Snapchat is animated, while your Instagram campaigns focuses on using a few high quality photos. Trust us when we say the results from doing those two simple things can be impressive.

3. Build An Online Community

There are a lot of different tools and resources you can use to create your very own online community. Find one place to do it and then work hard to build it up and encourage people to be active and interact with one another. The more active people are, the more people will join the community, which means more potential customers you can market to. Feel free to use the tools Facebook have to build a Facebook community or create your own forum or community, but just make sure you focus on building a community, regardless of where you set one up.

4. Build An Email List Via Social Media

In the old days, you could set up a single page and use a bit of SEO to generate traffic and then collect email addresses from those who opt in. However, there’s an even better, more effective and faster way to do this. You want to use social media to build an email list.

Build up your Facebook profile and then direct your Facebook friends to opt-in to your email list. Do the same with Twitter and another social media site of your choice. Don’t forget to give your social media followers a reason to subscribe to your emails, such as giving them a free sample, free eBook, software or anything else you can think of.

When it comes to cutting edge online marketing tactics, the above are some of the best ones to use. Feel free to implement all four of those tactics or use the ones you think will benefit you the most. The sooner you implement those tactics, the sooner you can reap the benefits that come along with them.